We don’t take photos.

We give them, instantly.

PhotoTap delivers branded event photos with a simple tap. Attendees receive their photos in 6 seconds or less via email or text.

No forms to fill out.
No waiting.
No inconvenience.

A photo is worth

The way we communicate has fundamentally changed. Imagery has the potential to impact your brand’s image and social engagement. The more photos taken, the better. Social sharing is an organic process and PhotoTap technology facilitates that process by making photo delivery seamless and #instaready. The PhotoTeam works the room to make connections, capture moments and deliver photos with a tap. Positive experiences become shared experiences on social media, and we watermark photos with your branding.

various images of photographers at events

As easy as a fist bump.

Tappable wrist bands, stickers or guerrilla cards are custom designed for your event theme and brand.

We do it for the love, not the likes.

Technology is our product. Human connection is our service. Genuine human connection is at the heart of healthy relationships and building relationships is a cornerstone of any successful company. Why would your event photography be any different?


Imagine the possibilities.

The more ways the PhotoTeam can integrate into your event, the better the experience. Black tie event? We can dress to the nines. Creating a fantasy land? We’re your unicorns.

Using our instant messaging service, we create touchpoints throughout the event to keep attendees informed and engaged.

Let’s rock!

We’ve gigged with top companies and toured amazing cities in the US and Worldwide. #PassportReady

photo of a tour tshirt listing all locations PhotoTap has served