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We do it for the love, not the likes.


We do it for the love, not the likes.


We do it for the love, not the likes.


Technology is our product.
Human connection is our service.

Technology has made great advances in photography, putting the power to make gorgeous photos in everyone’s hands. At PhotoTap, it is our goal to put that power in the right hands.

Think of your favorite barista at Starbucks, the charming bartender who makes your drink just the way you like it or the waiter who goes above and beyond to make you feel special. We’re hiring them.

Our PhotoTeam is trained to:
• Effectively communicate services
• Listen to attendees and respond with respect
• Develop a rapport with attendees so they feel comfortable
• Create great photo opportunities that attendees love.

When guests experience thoughtful customer service combined with 6-second photo delivery, great photos happen.

Imagine the possibilities.


The more ways the PhotoTeam can integrate into your event, the better the experience. Black tie event? We can dress to the nines. Creating a fantasy land? We’re your unicorns.

Use our direct messaging service to communicate with attendees about event happenings, contests, special offers or merchandise giveaways.


“I first found PhotoTap about 5 years ago and have used them ever since! They provide a great and unexpected photography experience for my client’s meetings and incentives. I’ve used them for casual and business photography as well as a sponsorship opportunity to add revenue to the event. They are EXTREMELY flexible and even did some customization for our specific needs and named it after the client that requested it. I love having access to the dashboard giving me all the photos in real time to use in general session and the attendees love getting their photos on the spot. It’s a great addition to any event.”

– Alan Melichar, Senior Account Director, One10 LLC