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PhotoFriend Application

PhotoFriend Application

Personal Information

Why would you be a good fit?

At PhotoTap, our PhotoFriends thrive on charisma and creativity, and we’re eager to see yours in action! We kindly invite you to craft a snappy, engaging video that lets your true personality shine. Keep it punchy and to the point - a captivating teaser of what you have to offer! Be authentic to who you are, as our clients adore diverse personalities. Engage us with your charm and creativity as you introduce yourself to an imaginary client, sharing why you’re the picture-perfect addition to their event. 

Please do not submit your portfolio or photos you have taken.  This section is about you!  This should be a video of "YOU" letting us know why you would make a great PhotoFriend to our esteemed clients guests.

Work Experience



Please list 3 references with at least one being a professional reference.

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Reference #3